Meet Durga Bhandari,47, Ram Prasad Adhikari, 50 and Krishna Prasad Jaisi, 43, and you will know what brings them to the crowded class of Rural Development, MA, 1st Year. Interviewing them two weeks ago for me turned out to become a nostalgic evocation. My father as well arrived in Kathmandu so that you can pursue Degree in M Ed. I also then occurred to join MA in English but left the country for greener pastures. My father was most in all probability fed up together with the incessant teachings at school and longed for any break. omega watches replica

One factor is for sure: they embarked upon this rather odd journey when living back property turned increasingly difficult. All three had served as nearby level leaders in VDC and DDC. Mr. Jaisi (the only laptop or computer literate among 3) is spokesman of DDC Federation. He was the chairman of Accham DDC when Maoists attacked the district headquarters that, as outlined by him, was one of the most nightmarish moment of his life. He was later abducted by Maoists; he was forced to commit a month with them in Kalikot."But they did not misbehave with me", a soft-spoken Jaisi remarks.

Mangalsen massacre has remained as an indelible scar in his psyche. omega replica paypal " We counted a single hundred and forty seven corpses," he reminisces the incident ruefully. The dead bodies should have develop into statistics now. He couldn't remain extended in that war-ravaged location and left with his family for Dhangadi, a safer western terrain. Ram Prasad has comparable woes. He was accused of getting an informer back in his village. He took refuge in his lecturer- son's abode in Balkhu, Kathmandu and started strolling to nearby TU.

Durga, however, denies any traces of Maoists in his village Kawasoti of Nawalparasi district. omega replica paypal omega replica All three want to retrace to their villages once the conflict resolves. But, these rural reformers are disenchanted by not only the overtly theoretical course at TU but the very same age-old teacher-centric and shallow method of teaching.


Last update : 01/12/2015

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