European Society of Emergency Nurses



Agreed position statements


The inaugural meeting of EuSEN agreed the following position statements with reference to the provision of emergency services across Europe. It is recognised that in some countries these are already achieved whilst in others they are ambitions. These standards set a minimum threshold for care in emergency care settings


Patient interest


  1. All patients attending for emergency care should be triaged within 10 minutes of registration and allocated a priority rating
  2. All patients or legal representatives are given adequate information from arrival to discharge from emergency care.
  3. All patients should have pain assessed and treated within 30 minutes of registration
  4. All patients should get provided with quality and knowledge based nursing emergency care .
  5. All patients are entitled to timely and appropriate access to safe and effective emergency care




  1. A specialised qualification in emergency nursing should be on an advanced level and needs to be seen as a distinct nursing specialty.
  2. Triage* should be performed at minimum by a nurse with at least 12 months of experience in emergency nursing.
  3. A Nurse Practitioner in ED should have an specialised adequate further education.




  1. Every ED should use a standardised triage-system
  2. Organization should be focused on interdisciplinary cooperation on patients centralised care.
  3. Because of the complex work in the ED, occupational reflection and professional support should be provided at any times.



* Triage: face-to-face triage, telephone triage