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EuSEN Nursing Track in EuSEM Galsgow Congress, 11/09/2018

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Trauma and Disaster
•09:10 -10:40 Performance of a trauma team activation tool. Ole-PetterVINJEVOLL (Trondheim, NORWAY)
•09:10 -10:40 Two mass casualty incidences involving tourists in Iceland: preparedness of the emergency department at LandspitaliNational University Hospital. Gudrun LísbetNÍELSDÓTTIR (Project manager, emergency planning) (Reykjavík, ICELAND)
•09:10 -10:40 Solutions to the biggest inhospitaldisaster -emergency department crowding. ChristienVAN DER LINDEN (THE NETHERLANDS)

Geriatric Emergency nursing Care
Moderators: Gudrun LísbetNÍELSDÓTTIR (Project manager, emergency planning) (Reykjavík, ICELAND), Ole-PetterVINJEVOLL (Trondheim, NORWAY)
•11:10 -12:40 Geriatric Emergency Nurse: connecting emergency care with the community. IngibjörgSIGURSÓRSDÓTTIR (ICELAND)
•11:10 -12:40 Negotiation of teamwork: How nurses and physicians as a team consider their ESI-based triage level in older ED patients: an Interpretive description. Thomas DREHER-HUMMEL (Nurse) (Basel, SWITZERLAND)
•11:10 -12:40 Elderly care in Croatian rural hospital Emergency Department. Valentina KOVACEK (Molve, CROATIA)

Well-being of staff
Moderators: Valentina KOVACEK (Molve, CROATIA), IngibjörgSIGURSÓRSDÓTTIR (ICELAND)
•14:10 -15:40 Prevalence study of burn-out in Belgium emergency departments, key recommendations. Yves MAULE (MANAGER DE SOINS) (LIEGE, BELGIUM)
•14:10 -15:40 Implementation of electronic competence assessment program for emergency nurses –improved goal setting and job satisfaction. DóraBJÖRNSDÓTTIR (ICELAND)
•14:10 -15:40 Team Wellbeing in ED Design. UnaCRONIN (Clinical Research) (Limerick, IRELAND)

Emergency Nursing research
Moderators: UnaCRONIN (Clinical Research) (Limerick, IRELAND), Yves MAULE (MANAGER DE SOINS) (LIEGE, BELGIUM)
•16:10 -17:40 Hot topics in emergency nursing research. JochenBERGS (Post-doctoral researcher) (Hasselt, BELGIUM)
•16:10 -17:40 Transforming psychiatric care delivery in the emergency department: one hospital’s journey. FransDE VOEGHT (THE NETHERLANDS)
•16:10 -17:40 Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes in Croatian Emergency Medicine Service. DamirVAZANIC (PRESIDENT) (Zagreb, CROATIA)