Nursing Track EuSEM Congress Vienna 2016

EuSEN Nursing Track (room GARTENSAAL)
9:10 – 10:40 SESSION 1: Prehospital Emergency Nursing
Chairs:  Yves Maule (B) – Luciano Clarizia (I)
Preparing for the disaster Mark Tyler (AUS)
Prehospital trauma care: nursing interventions Salvatore Casillo (IT)
Detecting child maltreatment based on parental characteristics Hester Diderich-Lolkes de Beer


11:10 – 12:40  SESSION 2: Trauma Nursing
Chairs: Hester Diderich-Lolkes de Beer (NL) – Ole-Petter Vinjevoll (N)
Taking care of the severe injured patient: human factors Bruce Armstrong  (UK)
Multisite Terroristic attacks in Brussels (B): a challenge? Yves Maule (B)
Training staff in major trauma education Bruce Armstrong  (UK)
14:10 – 15:40  SESSION 3: Emergency Nursing Education
Chairs: Petra Valk-Zwickl (CH) – Jochen Bergs (B)
Emergency Nursing education in Australia Mark Tyler (AUS)

Educating the future emergency nurse: professional competence and development

Thordis K. Thorsteinsdottir (ICEL)
Development of an e-learning program to increase knowledge and awareness for the recognition of elderly abuse in the ED Sivera Berben (NL)
16:10 – 17:40  SESSION 4: Emergency Nursing Research
Chairs: Frans de Voeght (NL) – Guðbjörg Pálsdóttir (ICL)
Emergency Nursing Research: Why? How? Christine Van Der Linden (NL)
Applying research into emergency nursing – examples from Iceland Thordis K. Thorsteinsdottir (ICEL)
Thinking outside the box: a few things I have learned from other fields of research Jochen Bergs (B)